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Golden Milk Recipe

Updated: May 11, 2022

This is a recipe inspired by my own Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nina, and boy, is it yummy! Golden milk is a delicious Ayurvedic tonic that can help to calm the mind and heal the body. The warming spices in Golden Milk make it an ideal choice for increasing digestion and circulation. Since it is so nourishing it is a great tonic to help pacify vata or to take in the fall and winter months, but it can be taken by anyone during any time of year. Traditionally, many use this milk in the evenings to help calm and unwind. When used with Maca though it may be best taken in the morning or during the afternoon hours. Maca's super power medicinal qualities can help give you a caffeine free energy boost. Try this recipe next time you feel that 2pm slump and want to reach for a cup of coffee!

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