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Wellness Services

Let’s Work Together


Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching - Initial Intake Consultation

2 Hr Initial Intake Appointment 


Holding Hands

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching - 1 hr Follow Up Session

1 Hr Follow Up


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Dosha Consultation

Assessment of your prakruti (doshic constitution) (30 minutes)



BreathWork & Subtle Body Nervous System Techniques

1 Hr Session of breathwork and/or Nervous System work $65

Yoga on the Beach


Fuse your mind and body through movement tailored to your needs


Inquire for group pricing


Cooking Class

Learn the basics of 

Ayurvedic cooking and ingredients. Special Group and Individual Rates are available

Group Workshops

Various topics available:

- Intro to Ayurveda

- Yoni Steaming

- Body Yantra

- Hormonal Health

- Digestive Health

- Healthy Eating Guidelines

- Nervous System Regulation

- Kindling Agni

- How to build Ojas

- Herbology

- Ayurvedic Dental Care

Inquire for more topics & pricing! Specials for Yoga Studios

Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today!

Inquire today about discounted pricing plans

Custom offerings available

Contact Ignite Balance to discuss custom offerings and package plans

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